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Pure Clean cervical pillow
Pure Clean cervical pillow

Pure Clean cervical pillow


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With its softness, resilience and adaptive capacity, here is the cervical curve version of the fully machine washable pillow from Avanti! This memory foam pillow helps release pressure points in the neck. With its memory foam made from water and without chemical blowing agent, it is perforated to optimize air circulation. Machine washable in cold water only to thoroughly remove bacteria residue and mold risk. Usually, memory foam pillows are not completely washable. This pillow is different. Those who suffer from allergies will finally be able to thoroughly wash their pillow.


  • Fully machine washable
  • Water-based foam without harmful chemicals
  • Perforated for excellent air circulation
  • Oeko-Tex certified Tencel envelope

Dimensions - Care

  • Queen size: 27 "X 15" X 4.5 "
  • Machine wash pillow in cold water only
  • Twist the pillow well before drying it flat on a dryer


1 year against defect