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Novus Zero Gravity Chair
Novus Zero Gravity Chair
Novus Zero Gravity Chair
Novus Zero Gravity Chair

Novus Zero Gravity Chair

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This Zero Gravity chair offers all the benefits of zero gravity while maintaining a luxurious and contemporary style.It positions you so that your legs are higher than your heart, making you feel light and as if you were in space!

At the zero gravity position, your legs get the most blood circulation, ideal for  phlebitis, varicose veins, diabetics. It releases the pressure at the lumbar level in the compression between the discs.


  • Several choice of coverings (standard leather, Brisa, premium leather)
  • Articulated headrest with adjustable neck cushion, ideal for reading, listening to TV and relaxing
  • Motorized 
  • Versions available : one motor or two motors ( the two motors versions allow you to adjust the angle of the legs separately from the backrest)
  • Lumbar pump too add more comfort
  • With resistant and elegant maple wood base 
  • Rechargable battery available ( wireless)
  • maximum weight : 275 lbs
  • Handcrafted in the USA


Dimensions - Care

  • Width: 29.5 ''
  • Height: 47.5 ''
  • Depth (closed): 39 ''
  • Depth (Inclined): 61 ''
  • Maintenance: It is recommended to maintain every leather chair regularly. Pass a damp cloth with soapy water everywhere, especially where the skin is in contact with the leather. No strong product, just a mild dish soap. To keep your leather beautiful and smooth, make a minimum leather treatment once a year. For those who use their chairs every day, treat it two to three times a year. Use a product specifically for leather, such as  leather care kit..