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Inversion table
Inversion table
Inversion table

Inversion table


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This inversion table is excellent to strech the back and the whole body. The purpose of the table is to promote blood return and accelerate lymphatic process.Because of the gravity . you stretches the whole body and create a decompression of the vertebrae for an immediate and lasting relief. Always ask your doctor or health professional who knows your situation. if the inversion table can be good for your back. An amount of $ 40 was added to the price for shipping (send by bus).


  • Easy to use 
  • Adjusts to the size of the user 
  • Foldable and solid 
  • Very safe 
  • Belt lock for a certain degree of inclination 
  • Comfortable clip ankles 
  • A DVD is included in the box

Dimensions - Care

  • Maximum weight: 150 kg 
  • Maximum Height: 1.83 m 
  • Box Dimensions: 120cm X 60cm X 140 cm


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