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Forearm support for desk
Forearm support for desk
Forearm support for desk

Forearm support for desk

Neutral Posture

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Your office chair does not have adequate armrests to work at the computer? Are you using a lifting table and want to support your forearms? This forearm support is ideal for supporting your arms at work. Very easy to install. it transforms your workstation to relieve tension in your upper back and neck. Comfortable and practical. this is the perfect addition to any office. The forearm support acts as a desk extension which comfortably supports the user's forearms whilst using keyboard and mouse. reducing strain on shoulder and neck muscles. The inward curve of the front edge allows the user to sit very close to the desk with the full forearm supported.


  • Easy to install. no tools required
  • Attached or removed in seconds
  • No screws. no holes in your desk
  • Covered with a soft fabric
  • The padding makes it more comfortable than hard desk surfaces
  • Relieves shoulder muscle tension

Dimensions - Care

  • 25 inches long by 9 in deep


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