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Book "Le grand livre de l'entraînement physique"
Book "Le grand livre de l'entraînement physique"

Book "Le grand livre de l'entraînement physique"

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(written in french) You want to get back into shape once and for all? This book gives you the means to act. Makegood decisions based on the goals you have set. the lifestyle you want to adopt and the type of activity you prefer.


  • Among the valuable advice in this book. you will find:

    • A method of evaluating your level of health and fitness
    • Tricks to adopt better habits
    • Explanations to perform effectively the major exercise. with beautiful photographs to support
    • Read about an action plan
    • A description of the most common exercise equipment  and how to use them
You will also find a wealth of information on the morphology and muscles. strength training. training in flexibility and cardiovascular training to determine what suits you best.
Comprehensive and accessible. the book " Le grand livre de l'entraînement physique" has a wealth of information for those wishing to exercise for better health. Written by an expert in fitness with multiple skills. this book is a ressource of information for beginners and for people who love physical exercise more advanced

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115 pages 
Written in French 
Illustrations and color photos 
Author: Tanya Wyatt 
Edition Guy Saint-Jean


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