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Ergonomic tips to improve your posture at the computer

  1. The top third of your screen should be at eye level at a distance of about one arm away or at a comfortable distance (if your screen is very large) and should be shielded from glare or direct light. Your arms should be resting close to your body on armrests, maintaining a comfortable 90 degree angle between your arm and forearm.
  2. The palms rest on a palmrest or built into the keyboard support tray to maintain an ideal alignment with the hand, wrists and keys of the keyboard. The mouse is near the keyboard and at the same level.
  3. The documents consulted regularly are placed on a document holder placed under the screen and facing you.
  4. To facilitate overall positioning, use a keyboard stand that is adjustable in height and angle. The tray must have a built-in palmrest.
  5. Your back is well supported on the back of the chair thanks to excellent lumbar support. Be sure to position the curve of your back facing your lumbar region. If your lumbar region does not seem strong enough, add a lumbar cushion or choose a chair with an adjustable lumbar pump.
  6. Always sit well at the back of your chair, if your calves touch the seat, it is that the chair is too deep. If you have a seat slider, adjust the seat to make it shallower. There must be a comfortable space of about two fingers between the seat and the calves. If not, you can add a cushion in your back, to move you forward, or change the chair for one that is adapted to your size.
  7. Your feet are touching the ground or youre using a adjustable footrest.
  8. Stand up a lot!
  9. The use of an ergonomic keyboard stand guarantees a variety of adjustments. In addition, the mouse is near the keyboard and at the same level.
  10. Side armrests improve ergonomics. They promote a natural posture by keeping the arms close to the body. In this way, the body develops less stress and fatigue in the neck and between the shoulder blades.
  11. Using the footrest can improve posture. The back of the thigh is free and the back is better against the back of the chair.